Friday, 20 May 2011

Urban Transport 2011

17th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment

6 - 8 June 2011, Pisa, Italy


University of Pisa, Italy
Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


This International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment has successfully been reconvened annually for the last sixteen years since the first meeting started in Southampton in 1995; continuing in Barcelona (1996); Acquasparta, Italy (1997); Lisbon (1998); Rhodes (1999); Cambridge, UK (2000); Lemnos, Greece (2001); Seville (2002); Crete (2003); Dresden (2004); the Algarve (2005); WIT campus in the New Forest (2006); Coimbra (2007); Malta (2008); Bologna (2009) and Cyprus (2010).

The continuous success of this annual event reflects the importance of the topic which attracts international delegates from many different countries. The development of more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation systems is essential in the quest for city sustainability. The complexity of the problem, which involves a series of socio-economic as well as technical issues, requires a substantial amount of research. New ideas need to be thoroughly tested and critically evaluated before they can be implemented in practice, which highlights the importance of this conference series.

The papers presented at Urban Transport conferences since 1995 are permanently archived in the Wessex Institute eLibrary ( where they are easily accessible to the international community. The variety of topics covered by the conference are of primary importance for analysing the complex interaction of the urban transport environment and for establishing action strategies for transport and traffic problems.

  • Urban transport planning and management
  • Transportation demand analysis
  • Traffic integration and control
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Transport modelling and simulation
  • Land use and transport integration
  • Public transport systems
  • Environmental and ecological aspects
  • Air and noise pollution
  • Safety and security
  • Energy and transport fuels
  • Economic and social impact
  • Advanced transport systems

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