Wednesday, 11 February 2015

2015 George Green Medal

The George Green Medal has been established by the University of Mississippi and the Wessex Institute of Technology to honour the work carried out by eminent scientists in the field of boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods.
Prof Kansa

The importance of Green's work to the development of what became the basis of boundary elements cannot be overstated. His pioneering research was fully appreciated by Lord Kelvin who brought it to the attention of the scientific community.

The Green Medal was established to honour Green's memory and is awarded annually at the International Conference on Boundary Elements.

The 2015 Medal will be given to Professor Edward J Kansa for his pioneering work on Meshless Methods.

Prof Kansa will open the BEM 2015 Conference (to be held in the New Forest, UK,  from 21 to 23 September 2015) with a keynote address on "Radial Basis Functions: Accomplishments and Challenges".