Friday, 4 January 2019

A message from our Chief Academic Officer

SantiagoHernandez2019 promises to be another busy year for the Wessex Institute and its conference division in particular. The Institute has organised 20 international conferences for 2019 in a variety of disciplines. This demonstrates the broad range of scientific interests of our institution, which has always sought to be engaged in the relevant challenges of our times. All our meetings are supported by renowned academics as part of the International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC), which guarantees the scientific relevance of each conference. In addition, each meeting has an assigned conference coordinator who ensures the smooth running of the entire event.

Papers submitted to WIT conferences are always peer-reviewed and those accepted are published in the WIT Transactions which are indexed in Scopus. The Institute is also involved in the publication of a number of international scientific journals to which conference delegates are invited to submit an enhanced version of their conference paper, thereby increasing the opportunity for the dissemination of their research.

WIT meetings have a time honoured tradition of being exceptional occasions for the presentation of new ideas, communicating with colleagues and for the interchange of initiatives. Each conference is attended and chaired by a senior WIT Board member who would welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas for various types of academic collaboration, including the organisation of short courses at WIT, new conferences or joint research projects.

The Institute is located in the beautiful New Forest countryside, near Southampton, and due to its outstanding facilities, it makes a very appropriate location for senior researchers to spend part of their sabbatical leave or for graduate students who wish to spend some months abroad during their PhD years.

We would like to encourage you to attend our conferences, to find out more about WIT’s activities and to discuss any initiatives you may have in mind for collaborative projects.

My very best regards

Santiago Hernandez
Chief Academic Officer